Token Pack


A beautiful set of hand-illustrated tokens for use within the Hamel’s House of Oddities campaign.

Domed Magnetic Tokens – These unique tokens are topped by a flexible bubble-like resin applied to a printed magnetic surface, giving them a thick, tactile, crystal-clear 3D finish that is flexible. This process makes the hand-drawn artwork pop with a sharp and snappy look while giving it durability and weight that feels very significant in the hand. They are meant to be used with the Magnet Receptive Mat placed beneath our Encounter Maps, but you can use them however you like and with any magnet-receptive surface.  We think you will love how tokens feel like they snap into and stay in place, adding to an improved tabletop gaming experience.

Features include:

  • Hand-illustrated Artwork
  • Domed Finish
  • Magnetic Base
  • (146) Tokens of Varied Sizes (1″ to 4″)
  • (2) Token Bags
Expected Ship Date: November 2024
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