Adventure Awaits in Allorea

Hamel’s House of Oddities is the first campaign of a trilogy within the Woven Worlds of Allorea where characters will begin to explore and uncover the mysteries of the woven worlds.

Designed for advancing characters from level 1 through level 8, the 5e campaign is divided into six chapters. Each chapter advances the storyline with a balanced blend of social, exploration, and combat encounters to provide a rewarding player experience and hours of imaginative gameplay within the Woven Worlds of Allorea science-fantasy setting.


Products & Accessories

Thoughtful Storytelling / Hand-Illustrated Art / Immersive Lore

The Kickstarter includes the world setting book, the campaign book, player handouts, maps, and tokens.
All products in both digital and print formats.

Campaign & Setting Book

Hand-Illustrated / Well-Formatted / Hardcover Edition (6″x9″) / Campaign (500+ pages / Setting (150+ pages)

Region & Town Map

Hand-Illustrated / 24″ x 36″ / Rollable, Durable Vinyl Material / (2) Maps

Encounter Maps

Hand-Illustrated / 24″ x 18″ / Rollable, Durable Vinyl Material / Bird’s Eye Perspective / (10) Unique Locations

Player Handouts

Hand-Illustrated / Smooth Matte Finish / Durable Cardstock / (125) 4″x6″ Cards / (35) 8.5″x11″ Cards


Hand-Illustrated – Matte Finish / Magnetic Base / (104) 1″ Tokens / (28) 2″ Tokens / (12) 3″ Tokens / (2) 4″ Tokens

The setting

Shadow’s Reach

“Throughout the course of perceived time, the mystical allure of Shadow’s Reach has been a focal point for significant other-worldly events. These happenings have left their mark within the surrounding landscape and through the lore that has been passed down over generations.” ~Hamel

Breathless Sea

Separating the great continents of Allorea, the Breathless Sea lays bare all those who sail upon its unfathomable waters to contemplate their purpose and place among the stars. While this phenomenon has left many feeling enlightened, others, overwhelmed by its unbearable presence, have been driven to the brink of madness.

Oldenwood Forest

A vast and expansive forest range, the Oldenwoods form the eastern border of the valley of Shadow’s Reach. Largely untouched by the conquests of humans and dwarves, the forest is home to many wild creatures and unnatural phenomena.

The Swallows

This swamp is a thriving ecosystem that rests along the shores of the Breathless Sea. While the threat of its lurking inhabitants is significant, there are portions of the swamp considered even more treacherous where the terrain can swallow up even the most cautious intruder.

Moonward Mountains

The valley of Shadow’s Reach is bordered to the north and east by a mountain range known as the Moonward Mountains. Storms that fall upon the area are amplified by the mighty walls of these monuments and the thunderous sounds resonate throughout the valley below.

Ragged Shores

Worn down by the relentless march of the Breathless Sea, the Ragged shores form a treacherous shoreline where the mountain range meets the sea.

Wyrlic River

Originating from the eternal springs deep within the Oldenwoods, the Wyrlic river winds gently westward bathing the valley in its soothing song until it joins the waters of the Breathless Sea. The elves of old have written many poems and songs dedicated to its beauty.

Town of Black Birch

Amongst the seclusion and divine beauty of the valley, a hardened community has survived and prospered. Black Birch is a town steeped in faith and tradition where knowledge passed down through generations has provided a comfortable means for survival and trade.  The first settlers in the region named the town after an abundant stand of black birch trees that filled the valley.

Black Birch will serve as the starting point for the characters to begin their exploration of the region.

The storyline

A Curious Mind

“The light from the past casts shadows on the present, leaving behind subtle clues in the darkness to their source and meaning.” ~ Hamel

An Odd Set of

In chapter one, the characters will explore the eccentric collection found within Hamel’s House of Oddities. 

A Study of
Peculiar Proportions

In chapter two, the characters will set sail across the Breathless Sea to conduct a set of studies and experiments for Hamel. 

The Anatomy of
Unnatural Things

In chapter three, the characters will be asked by Hamel to acquire specific components that can be found within the surrounding region.

Shadows of the Past

In chapter four, the characters will explore a portion of the sprawling with wondrous creations. 

The Divine Age of Neullos

In chapter five, the characters will enter a massive market along the shores of Shadow’s Reach where inhabitants of the world have gathered to walk among the gods.

Revelations in Time

In chapter six, the characters will explore a temple in hopes of uncovering information about an ancient civilization.


Supporting Content

“The gods, the people, the creatures…the meaning of all these things may seem beyond our understanding right now, but I believe it remains deeply rooted within us. We must not relent in our research, Orvar. We must continue ever forward with our minds wide open.” ~ Hamel


Interacting with the many personalities within the region will be crucial for the character’s journey throughout the campaign. Each personality within the storyline is thoughtfully created and detailed to aid the Storyteller in bringing them to life for the players, including backgrounds, personality traits, stats, common sayings, and relationships.

Magic Items

Throughout the chapters of the storyline, magic has been formed through either the creation of individuals or by natural means. Characters will interact and, at times, evolve magic items that they discover on their journey, providing a path toward the personalization of powers and tools.


The creatures that inhabit the different environments of Shadow’s Reach have been designed to challenge and reward the characters as they venture into the wild. Possessing traits and features that aid in their survival, these creatures can be especially difficult to deal with in their own habitat.


The region of Shadow’s Reach is full of wondrous environments shaped by forces of Allorea over time. While encounters with the inhabitants of these environments can be challenging, the landscapes also impose unseen obstacles.

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