Woven Worlds of Allorea

From the Beyond arose a Whisper.  From the Whisper arose the Servants.
From the Servants arose the Everything.
~ Mof the Mad

Allorea is a captivating presence within the known universe. An anomaly formed by the Weavers eons ago, the magic used during its creation was not fully consumed, and remnants of physical raw magic were left behind embedded in the world’s foundation. The effects of this event split the world into two, each independent and unaware of the other but connected through the raw magic that formed them.


Celestial beings of immense and mesmerizing forms, the Weavers traverse the known universe spinning the fabric of space, time and matter with their magical powers to create and destroy worlds and celestial objects.


The Watchers were the first to form in the known universe through the whispers from the Beyond. They birthed the Weavers to create worlds and the Wanderers to study them. They communicate with and do the bidding of the Beyond.


The Wanderers are celestial beings who are sent by Watchers to live, interact, and learn about the worlds created by the Weavers. Wanderers who have studied many worlds and accumulated vast knowledge ascend to godly status.


Fantastic Creations

“I have seen a part of the forest that is unlike anything that I could have ever imagined. Birds formed of flowers, water that does not ripple, and trees made of the purest crystal.” ~ Albane the Druid

The Spark

During the formation of Allorea, scattered remnants of raw magic were left behind by the celestial beings known as the Weavers. This unspent magic took on a physical form known to the inhabitants of Allorea as the Spark. Through direct interaction with the environment and creatures, the Spark released powerful and chaotic magic that shaped Allorea in wondrous and horrific ways.

The Sprawl

Living organisms that are exposed to the Spark through direct contact may become infected with the Sprawl, a genetically altering virus that forms in the host. Through mutation of the host, the Sprawl develops new traits which can be passed down through the natural selection process. While the Sprawl typically seeks balance, it can become aggressive and consume its host.


Allorea is full of wondrous and challenging environments that have been shaped by the Spark and the Sprawl over time. While encounters with the inhabitants of these environments can be challenging, the landscapes can also impose unseen obstacles for the adventurous spirit.


A diverse range of creatures affected by the Spark and Sprawl inhabits the lands and waters of Allorea, posing unique and significant challenges to those who come across their path with their traits and abilities.


Many civilizations have arisen and fallen within the woven worlds. Some have directly interacted with the Spark and the Sprawl with different outcomes. Those that have managed to survive in Allorea have learned to adapt to their surroundings.


Immersive Storylines

A trilogy of unique campaigns will lead you on a thought-provoking journey through the mysterious Woven Worlds of Allorea. Through rich storylines and immersive gameplay, you will explore and unlock the ancient secrets and lost knowledge of the worlds.

Hamel’s House of Oddities

In the first campaign, Hamel’s House of Oddities introduces the Woven Worlds of Allorea. The adventure begins in a secluded region of Allorea known as Shadow’s Reach, where a curious wizard’s failed experiment propels the characters on a journey toward the discovery of ancient knowledge of the world forgotten long ago.


Wondrous Tales of the Weary Wanderer

The second campaign, Wondrous Tales of the Weary Wanderer, branches out further into the Woven Worlds of Allorea. Summoned by a mysterious beacon, the characters embark on a series of challenges to uncover the ultimate meaning and source of its alluring power.

The Strange Country

The third campaign, The Strange Country, provides a deeper dive into the woven worlds where metaphysical challenges and the darkest of horrors await. The characters must risk their lives to cross over into new realms and defeat the horrors that are consumed with devouring the Woven Worlds of Allorea.

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